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Auburn Commercial Roofing
If the roof of your commercial establishment is showing signs of wearing out and requires re-roofing, you should always have the help of established commercial roofing contractors.

Let Bates Roofing LLC be your commercial roofing contractors in the Auburn, WA area. As one of the leading commercial roofing companies, customers call on us for various roofing projects because of the following reasons:

Attention to detailing
Complete efforts regardless of the project size
Strict adherence with building codes
We offer several roofing materials, including commercial metal roofing. Our workers are skilled, trained and experienced to handle all materials and roof types. Get in touch with our experienced staff to learn more about our services and all we have to offer.

Auburn Commercial Roofing Contractors
The work of the commercial roofing contractors is not limited to offering roofing services for new construction only but extends to additional services as well. That is the reason why you must choose experts that have the experience and the equipment to handle any roofing needs.

Rely on us to be your commercial roofing contractors around Auburn as we provide value for your money. When you are investing in a new roof, you want it to last a long time. Trust us for the following roofing services:

New roof installation
Our workers use the best materials, techniques, and equipment required for the roofing job. They are well acquainted with the challenges of roofing in the high rise buildings, and therefore, they use all the proper safety measures and gear.

Auburn Commercial Roofing Companies
With several commercial roofing companies offering services in the Auburn area, it can be difficult to decide on which company choose. You must look beyond pricing. Remember, if you are looking for commercial roofing companies offering cheap services, you will end up getting cheap materials, sub-standard workmanship and even low-quality installation.

Count on us as we are one of the most experienced and professional commercial roofing companies serving the Auburn area. We are preferred over other commercial roofing companies for the following reasons:

Hassle-free services
Schedule services at the time convenient to you
Reasonable pricing
We know that you cannot afford to close down your establishment to have the roofing job done. We schedule the roofing installation at a convenient time when your business and your customers are not affected.

Call Bates Roofing LLC at (253) 473-0675 when you are looking for trusted commercial roofing contractors serving the Auburn area.

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Bates Roofing, LLC is a premier residential and commercial roofing company in Puyallup serving the greater surrounding area with outstanding craftsmanship. We have a time-honored reputation since 1983 as one of the finest roofers in the industry using our expertise, expert knowledge and high-quality materials to build and repair thousands of dependable roofing structures.

These are a few reasons to choose us as your roof and gutter contractor:

Top-of-the-line Materials

Top-of-the-line Materials

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Outstanding Craftmanship

Outstanding Craftmanship

Superior Services

Superior Services

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